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Information for authors

La Gaceta de la Real Sociedad Matemática Española intends to be a communication and knowledge open forum for all mathematicians.

La Gaceta de la RSME includes sections about mathematical history, education, problems, computational mathematics, interviews, problems... And, of course, articles which describe the research in a particular area or explain aspects of the use of mathematics in practice.

The language of La Gaceta de la RSME is Spanish. Articles may be of interest for many members of the mathematicians' community. Articles must be correctly written and contain a descriptive title, an abbreviated title and a 100 word abstract. Prior to acceptance, each article will be informed by referees as usual. Articles must be written in LaTeX, in the style of La Gaceta, not exceeding 20 pages.

We are willing to receive graphical or wordless proofs, short notes of mathematical content -always one page long in the format of the journal- which will be published as mathematical miniatures.

Authors must send the article to one of the directors of La Gaceta de la RSME, either by ordinary mail (two printed copies) or by e-mail (in a pdf file or any other usual format which allows the appropriate reproduction of the entire article). If the article is accepted for publication in La Gaceta, the authors should provide the corresponding LaTeX files; the photographs or graphics accompanying the text should be sent apart in pdf, eps, jpeg or png format, with a quality and resolution suitable for a correct printing. Colours of the images should not be essential for understanding the article, for La Gaceta is published in black and white (however, colours will remain in the electronic version of the journal).

Authors who want to publish an article in one of the specific sections of La Gaceta de la RSME must contact directly the appropiate section editor.

Articles must be written using the style format of La Gaceta, which can be downloaded from the following links. For more information, three templates (or examples) with advises and instructions are available, one for an article to be published in a section, other for an article out of section, and another for a mathematical miniature. In all cases, the style format is the same.

If some author finds it difficult to use, an article can be written in any standard LaTeX class, like article or amsart. In case the article contains neither mathematical formulas, nor great typographical difficulties, it can also be written in any commonly used word processor (but, this is essential, with all the images in separate files and with quality enough). Directors can be contacted for any further explanation.

Once the article is published in La Gaceta, the author will receive a pdf file with the final version. If, after a prudential time, some author has not received the file, please contact any of the directors (or the responsible of the section in which the article was published).

The opinions expressed in the publication are the authors' opinions and may not necessarily represent the Real Sociedad Matemática Española or the directors of La Gaceta de la RSME.

La Gaceta de la Real Sociedad Matemática Española adheres to the Code of Practice of the European Mathematical Society.

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